Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to CiaN: Cosplay in a Nutshell!

Cosplay in a Nutshell is a fan-based group of cosplayers located primarily in the North Eastern region of Texas.

We were officially founded on July 13, 2011, but have been functioning as an unofficial group for several years. We're all close friends and occasionally frenemies, who have fought through our fair share of drama llamas and life's natural attempts to kill us and have somehow managed to survive. Our biggest loves as a collective are anime and manga, but our tastes individually range from headbutting between DC and Marvel comics, to rock-climbing, horse-back riding, reading through enough books to drown the Library of Congress, and having a jolly good time overall.

We founded this group--without money because we're broke--to really show off our dedication and love for the art of cosplay. We won't claim any titles to the best or the worst, nor will we fight anyone to the death over who looks better than so and so, but we will stake a claim to this little site and to the people who are a part of it. This is a site for us, but we open it to you so you can follow us as we just...well...enjoy life!

Cosplay, for those that don't know, is the act of dressing up as characters from anime/manga or video games. Anime and manga are essentially animated programs or comics from Japan or other Asian countries, but vary drastically from American cartoons and the traditional comics. Look up some sometime and really see what its all about, yo!

 Jackalope & Kaasan OUT.

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