The Wild Scyth(er)


I’m Scyth(er) and I am 20. I live in Louisana and am attending Louisiana Tech to get a degree in nano-systems engineering and a minor in psychology. I often will remain quiet in situations and analyze what is going on around me. I’m also not as smart as people perceive me to be. I am simple very observant of things. I am very soft spoken and am a man of few words usually. My bio I’m sure will be the shortest out of all the members.

I am exceedingly tolerant of things from what people tell me and I will usually Cosplay just about anything someone asks me too. I prefer to know the character though so that I can do my best to pull of the characters personality. Right now “Death the Kid” from Soul Eater and “Dr. Hoof” from My Little Pony are my only planned Cosplays. Now I’m just waiting to find out for what convention to have them ready

I have no sowing skills though so I must rely on the kindness of my friends if I want to use a costume that can’t be bought. This greatly minimizes the Cosplay’s I can do since most of my friends have 50 billion costumes they want to make for themselves.