The Masterful Lady M!

Lady M

Greetings Lords and Ladies!  My name is Lady M.  What does the M stand for?  Be good and you’ll find out~ I am a professional makeup artist who specializes in FX makeup and face painting.  I am obsessed with detail and absolutely love getting into character. I was invited into this group and I want to thank Jack and Kaasan for wanting me.  I am very honored.  I first started out cosplaying in Freshman year by request from my classmates.  I started the tradition of cosplaying at school on random days and I still cosplay out in public without any problem

I am eighteen going on nineteen in two months but most of my friends and coworkers thing I am much older.  I am a dog when it comes to protecting those I love and I am extremely loyal to those who are kind to me and I take pride in that.  Even though I call myself a Wolf I am.. ehhe.. Extremely Uke..

I went to Highschool at Booker T Washington HSVPA and I will be attending a Master Makeup Artist School in September.  I work at Norcostco North Texas Costume which is a full scale theatrical supply store and I work retail/makeup counter.  I live in a part of Irving which looks exactly like Konoha and I am a crazy cat lady, owning over 8 cats.  I also have 3 dogs and a multitude of fish.

I have many cosplays in my arsenal and soon I shall post pictures of each one.  I am most famous for my Iruka which is what everyone really knows me as and my Grell from Black Butler.  Some of my other cosplays, but not all, include Reno, Axel, Integra, Alupuppy, Orochimaru, Itachi, Kakuzu, Bellatrix, Haruhi, Edward Elric, Heine, ect ect ect. 
In-progress cosplays include Naruto, Kurenai, Ciel and Rin. Enjoy~